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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Instructor Certification

IBM Certified Instructor program - Lotus Software

The IBM Certified Professional Program provides a vehicle for instructors to acquire the product knowledge and skills to effectively train others on IBM software. The instructor certification track validates skills using three proficiency levels - entry, intermediate and advanced - and awards one of the following certification titles:

  • IBM Certified Instructor
    can teach intermediate level job functions and job-related skills.
  • IBM Certified Advanced Instructor
    exhibits in-depth knowledge and proficiency over a broad set of IBM software products, solutions or related technology.

How to become an instructor

In order to become an IBM Certified Instructor, you may be an employee of an approved ECIS Business Partner or you may apply as an independent instructor. Independent instructors will need to establish a PartnerWorld profile in order to become an IBM Certified Instructor.

At a glance, you must:

  • Earn an accepted IBM Certified Professional for Lotus Software credential
  • Prove your instructional skills
  • Complete online instructor application
  • Notify Lotus instructor program of your intention to apply


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