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ND210 Maximizing Your Productivity with IBM Lotus Notes 6 for Power Users


Experienced Notes 6 users who are seeking to maximize their productivity by using advanced tasks and features available in Notes 6.

Summary Description

    Through lecture, discussion, procedures, and tips, power users discover how to maximize their productivity using IBM Lotus Notes 6. The scenario-based guided practices and exercises reflect the daily tasks and challenges of Notes 6 power users. Following each lesson, students complete a checklist to help them plan and record the productivity related tasks they want to perform when they return to the office.

                Student guide appendices contain reference information students can utilize after the class to manage and print their calendar, use emoticons, acronyms and special characters in messages, use shortcuts to navigate and work in Notes, and backup important Notes files.

                This offering can be delivered in a face-to-face classroom or e-learning instructor-led environment.

Duration    1 day


The prerequisites for this course include:

For IBM Lotus Notes Release 4.x or 5.x users who are upgrading to Notes 6, the prerequisite is completion of Exploring New Features in IBM Lotus Notes 6 for Release 4 or 5 Users or the equivalent skills, knowledge and experience.

For new IBM Lotus Notes 6 users, the prerequisite is completion of Moving to IBM Lotus Notes 6 or the equivalent skills, knowledge and experience.

Topics Covered

Reducing the Clutter

  • Identifying options for emptying the Trash folder.
  • Removing messages from the Sent folder.
  • Removing copies of meeting invitations from Inbox, All Documents, and Sent folders.
  • Removing attachments from messages.
  • Archiving messages to gain space and improve performance.
  • Creating mail rules to delete messages.

Managing and Using Mail Efficiently

  • Customizing your mail.
  • Compacting your mail database to improve performance.
  • Organizing and upgrading folders.
  • Using mail rules to automatically file new messages.
  • Building, customizing and organizing the personal address book.
  • Creating a message with two clicks.
  • Assigning tasks to others.

Accessing Data Using Links and Bookmarks

  • Working with document links to open the view or bookmark the link.
  • Quickly sending multiple document links.
  • Changing the status line information for a document link to provide details of the document location.
  • Adding bookmarks to views, documents, databases, applications and web sites.
  • Organizing and managing bookmarks.
  • Automatically displaying selected window tabs (for Notes databases or documents or Web links) when you start Notes.

Enhancing Messages

  • Determining the best tool for organizing and displaying information.
  • Creating and editing a tabbed table.
  • Choosing the right object to enhance your message text.
  • Incorporating buttons and pop-up text in messages.
  • Applying workflow administration to messages.
  • Creating and using a message template (stationery).

Building Your Custom Workspace

  • Planning your workspace around your daily tasks.
  • Building a custom Welcome Page including links to applications, Notes database, and Web sites.
  • Choosing and setting your home page.
  • Creating a custom toolbar button to quickly change the default font for messages and documents.

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