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ND310 Help Desk Support for IBM Lotus Notes 6


Domino and Notes 6 users who support Notes end users.

Summary Description

        An instructor-led course to enable Domino and Notes end user support personnel to use available resources to find solutions to the most common Notes and Domino 6 end user errors, problems, and frequently-asked questions (FAQs).

Duration    3 days


  • Moving to IBM Lotus Notes 6 (ND150) [for New Users]
  • Maximizing Your Productivity with IBM Lotus Notes 6 for Power Users (ND210) [for New or Update Users]
  • A minimum of three (3) months experience using Notes.

Topics Covered

Introducing the Notes Infrastructure

  • Presenting the Notes Infrastructure
  • Introducing Domino Domains
  • Understanding the Impact of the Domino Directory
  • Identifying Directory Services
  • Introducing Domino Named Networks
  • Describing the Role of the Domino Server

Managing Notes IDs

  • Storing Notes IDs
  • Handling User Passwords
  • Recovering IDs and Passwords
  • Troubleshooting Notes IDs

Using Troubleshooting Resources

  • Gathering End User Information
  • Using the Notes Log
  • Using Notes Online Help

Managing and Customizing the User Environment

  • Organizing the Notes Desktop
  • Managing the Notes Desktop
  • Managing Bookmarks
  • Creating a New Default Desktop
  • Customizing a User's Desktop Environment
  • Identifying the Notes Initialization File
  • Accommodating Multiple Users on a Single Workstation
  • Breaking Down a Notes Client
  • Browsing the Web from Notes
  • Troubleshooting the User Environment

Introducing Domino Security

  • Identifying the Levels of Security
  • Certifying Users and Servers
  • Accessing Servers
  • Troubleshooting Server Security

Managing Domino Databases

  • Applying Database Security
  • Defining Access Control Lists
  • Choosing a Database Template Update Option
  • Managing the Size of a Database
  • Archiving Database Documents
  • Troubleshooting Domino Databases

Introducing Mail Routing

  • Defining Mail Routing
  • Identifying the Components of Mail Routing
  • Identifying Mail Delivery Problems
  • Troubleshooting Mail Routing Problems

Troubleshooting Notes Mail

  • Managing the Personal Address Book
  • Securing Notes Mail
  • Setting User Preferences for Mail
  • Using the Out of Office Agent
  • Archiving Mail
  • Introducing Directory Catalogs
  • Setting Up for Internet Mail
  • Troubleshooting Notes Mail

Setting Up and Supporting Remote Notes Users

  • Setting Up Users to Work Remotely
  • Identifying Methods of Connecting Users to Work Remotely
  • Troubleshooting Remote Notes User Connections

Setting Up and Troubleshooting Replication

  • Creating a Replica Copy
  • Working with ACLs and Replication
  • Setting Encryption for a Replica
  • Using Replication Settings
  • Setting Replication Options
  • Scheduling Replication
  • Tracking Replication History
  • Resolving Replication Conflicts

Supporting and Troubleshooting Calendaring and Scheduling

  • Setting Calendar Preferences
  • Using Alarms
  • Creating Repeating Calendar Entries
  • Adding Holidays to the Calendar
  • Printing the Calendar
  • Troubleshooting the Resource Reservations Database
  • Troubleshooting Group Scheduling
  • Checking the Group Calendar
  • Replicating Free Time

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