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ND520 Developing IBM Lotus Domino 6 Applications: Intermediate Skills


Application developers who have experience creating or modifying single database applications with IBM Lotus Domino Designer 6.

Summary Description

This course builds on the skills of Lotus Education's Developing IBM Lotus Domino 6 Applications: Foundation Skills (ND510) course. Through instructor lecture and student-centered activities and exercises, students learn to use IBM Lotus Domino Designer 6 to develop multi-database applications.

This course examines navigation elements such as links, outlines, and framesets that bind the components of the application together and allow users to locate information quickly and easily. The course explores advanced formula techniques including looping, error checking, and user interaction with the application. The course explains different methods for access data sources outside the current Domino database including other Domino databases and relational databases. Other topics include adding workflow functionality to route documents and notify users that a document requires their attention, and security issues such as encrypting data.

Duration    3 days


The prerequisites for this course include:

  • Experience using the IBM Lotus Notes client to access applications
  • Completion of the Developing IBM Lotus Domino 6 Applications: Foundation Skills course or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Three or more months experience developing Lotus Domino 6 applications.

Topics Covered

Creating and using links

  • List of resources you can link to
  • Types of hotspots you can create
  • Where/when to use which type of hotspot

Working with outlines

  • Building an outline
  • Embedding an outline

Building framesets

  • Setting target frames for design elements
  • Creating a collapsible frame
  • Adding a caption to a frame

Advanced view design

  • Hiding view columns
  • Using colors and images in views
  • Using embedded views
  • Using view navigation @Commands
  • Creating calendar views

Advanced formula techniques

  • Error checking formulas
  • Looping formulas
  • User interface formulas
  • String/list manipulation formulas
  • Nesting assignment statements

Advanced data access mechanisms

  • Accessing other Domino databases
  • Accessing non-Domino databases with ODBC
  • Creating and using Data Connection Resources (DCRs) to access non-Domino databases
  • Using DECS to access non-Domino databases

Routing documents and notifying users

  • Using @Functions to send documents
  • Creating a mail-in database
  • Tracking documents through the workflow process

Using profile documents

  • Comparison of profile documents and environment variables
  • Creating profile documents
  • Accessing data in profile documents

Securing a Domino 6 application

  • Encrypting data
  • Signing databases
  • Agent security issues

Using the design synopsis to evaluate and document an application

  • Description of information available in a design synopsis
  • Creating a design synopsis
  • Locating information in a design synopsis

Using third-party tools and WebDAV to access Domino database resources

  • Enabling WebDAV for a database
  • Accessing a database resource through a Web browser

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