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ND750 Administering IBM Lotus Domino 6: Operating Fundamentals


Administrators new to Domino. This course is the point of entry to the entire core SA curriculum.

Summary Description

This course introduces students to basic concepts that provide the foundation for Domino/Notes. This course is a prerequisite for the "SA Core Curriculum".

Duration    1 day


Previous system administration experience, and attended the following IBM Lotus Domino 6 end user courses:

  • Required: Using IBM Lotus Notes 6
  • Recommended: Maximizing Your Productivity with IBM Lotus Notes 6.

Topics Covered

Domino Administrator interface

Domino/Notes architecture, including:

  • Role of Domino System Administrator
  • What is Domino/Notes?
  • What is a Domino database?
  • What is a directory?
  • What is the Domino Administrator?

Security, including:

  • What is a domain?
  • What is a Domino Named Network?
  • What is a certifier ID?
  • What is a Notes ID?
  • What is a server ID?
  • What are certificates (Notes & X.509)
  • Hierarchical naming components
  • What is an organization?
  • What is an organizational unit?
  • Registration process (server, certifier & user)
  • Designing a hierarchical naming scheme
  • Public/private keys, encryption and signing
  • Authentication/anonymous access
  • What is a group?
  • Database ACLs
  • Server access lists
  • Workstation ECLs

Mail, including:

  • How does mail route?
  • What are the components for mail routing?
  • What routing protocols does Domino support?
  • How does mail route within a DNN?
  • How does mail route between DNNs?
  • What is a mail routing topology? (hub-and-spoke)
  • What other mail protocols does Domino support?
  • What are the options for setting up internal/external mail?

Replication, including:

  • What is replication?
  • Replication terms
  • Replication logic -- source/target servers and source/target documents
  • Methods to initiate replication
  • Factors that affect replication
  • Use of server groups for replication
  • What are connection documents?
  • Replica database vs. database copy

Extending Domino/Notes, including:

  • What other functions can a Domino server perform?
  • What Internet protocols does Domino support?
  • What are DOLS/iNotes?
  • What is Domino Everyplace?
  • What is SSL?
  • What is a Certifying Authority?
  • What non-Domino directories does the server support?

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